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Loco Boutique, a Hawaii-based company, is making a splash in the swimwear market with its unique and high-quality handcrafted designs.  Loco Boutique offers a wide selection of swimwear for women and men, including bikinis, one-pieces, and board shorts in their classic Hawaiian prints, and patterns for the 

What sets Loco Boutique apart from other swimwear brands is that all of their products have been handmade in Hawaii since 1978, starting with locally sourced fabrics and materials to developing global relationships in the industry.  Loco Boutique has always been a support to the local economy by fighting the desired to manufacture elsewhere, maintaining jobs in this cottage industry for Hawaii.  Keeping it localized, also ensures that each piece is of the highest quality, with attention paid to every detail before it goes out into the world.  This small batch process allows the company to maintain minimal waste, through the transparency between the design and manufacturing process which also helps to keep our products in a high level of sustainability, much of which is really contributed to keeping our products made in Hawaii.

Loco Boutique have always carried a focus on style and performance while maintaining its passion for fashion and design, but creating a time tested product takes a lot of what you may love about design and throws it away to satisfy the customers demands.  That process is not only challenging, but its beautiful as in the grey area between your passion and consumer demand lies a retail magic which can defy a trend.  Having been on the front of many bathing suit trends over the decades, Loco Boutique is focusing on the future of family swim, and extending our catalogue into athletic and leisure wear. Ultimately, Loco Boutique has become a way to merge the love for fashion with the commitment to keeping it local, to maintain the brands environmental standards and social responsibility.

Patterns for making swimwear in hawaii

All of Loco Boutique's swimwear is made from eco-friendly fabrics, printed in our facility roll to roll, which speeds up our idea to design process keeping what we do on the cutting edge of trends. As much as possible we enjoy sourcing recycled polyesters and dry technology performance textiles to keep our classics suit look, while upping the performance through advancements fabrics. 

One of the most popular designs offered by Loco Boutique is the classic reversible bikinis, which provide two different looks in one. The bikinis are also made with a unique style that doesn't require any tying, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit without any fuss.

Loco Boutique's swimwear has been featured in hundreds of top fashion magazines and blogs over its 45 years in operations, with customers raving about the quality and comfort of our styles.  Whether you're looking for a stylish and sustainable swimsuit or a unique and handmade gift, you can count on Loco Boutique's swimwear being here to support our community.

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